2018 Dancing with the Celebrities at the Palace Theater in Greensburg, PA

Opening Performance

Dr. Brian Hougentogler from Kvet Animal Care dances with Debbie Althoff

Bill Tetkoski from Home Depot dances with Deana Foley

Roseann Markoff from Motives Cosmetic dances with Dave Wodoslawsky

Irvin Shipley from the Westmoreland County Sheriff's Department dances with Shannon Crider

Josh Milan of Milanscapes dances with Sarah Robertson

Adam Quatrain from Quatrini Rafferty, PC dances with Khrystal Gresko

Gina Cerilli, Westmoreland County Commissioner, dances with Markus Gresko

Sarah DeWald from Watt Fuel Cell dances with Adam Ferri

Ashley Clegg from Synergy Salon dances with Addison Whetzel

Mike Lorenz from Anytime Fitness dances with Laura Johnson

Kris Smith from Seton Hill dances with Kaelyn Gresko

Shelley Iapalucci from Sam's Club dances with Harold Barrett