website seo marketingWhen you wear a graphic design hat, it is hard to not be connected with the marketing end of business. Last week we had the privilege of gleaning from a generous and knowledgeable company who is wiling to teach others and keep us up to date with all of the latest marketing, SEO trends. We need this information in order to provide our clients with the best amenities possible. A few of the items we learned were as follows:

• Social Media is used in order to drive traffic to your site via Google searches. Different medias require different types and times of engagement so one needs to interact accordingly with them.

• No longer is it about toggling SEO, but regularly adding new information and doing routine maintenance. Google wants to find activity, not placing the right words at strategic places.

• Lastly we got our feet wet with SEM, Search Engine Marketing. We will admit, this is a tad bit new for us, but we appreciate the information we learned and are eager to begin implementing it in full force.

Website creation and maintenance has been a large portion of our business as of late. Our hearts still palpitate when it comes to fine art and print, but we will admit, website work is pretty exiting too. Please let us know how we can serve your business and/or personal goals. We would love to hear from you!