Print 2018 Feeling blessed, we are unpacking our suitcase this evening and trying to get back into the swing of things. We just came home from the Windy City and a bunch of firsts. First real train ride, first deep dish pizza, and our reason for leaving; Print 2018.

We learned a lot about new options in the printing business. We knew you could print your own fabric and wallpaper, but did you know that you can print flooring too? Or how about literally running a piece of wood through the machine? All of this time we have been trying to perfect our photo transfer skills and all we needed was an HP printer the size of our entire work room. Tada! A design/image transfer done to perfection.

Excited to pass the marketing information that we gleaned onto our clients, it was nice to hear that we have been doing a lot of things right. Confirming that we have our goals in order, we just need to keep unpacking and get back to it!