Wow, this very time last year, the studio was flying high – literally. While hiking in the Black Hills of South Dakota at a place called Custer State Park, the party took a trail up through what is called Cathedral Spires. No words can describe the beauty of this area. As we ventured through the spires and over a mountain, we climbed up yet another range to a place named Black Elk Peak, formerly Harney Peak. This peak happens to be the highest summit East of the Rocky Mountains. The view from that peak was indescribable. The opportunity to hang a SMH Illustration & Design bandanna on the post was pretty exciting also.

Should anyone follow in our footsteps and hike this trail, please be certain to see if our bandanna is still there. If it is, please let us know, or better yet, please snap a picture and send it to us. We would be most grateful!

Thank you to for the background music.