SMH Illustration & Design

is a fine art and graphic design studio.

With over 30 years of experience as a creative and in education, SMH provides artistic solutions for both businesses and individuals. We emphasize our merchandise that teaches children of all ages. Using SMH’s proven products entertains children while mastering concepts without them knowing they are being taught.

Susan McConville-Harrer

SMH, or Susan McConville-Harrer

AAS Westmoreland County Community College – Graphic Communications
Volunteer – Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf, Jamaica – Artist, Teacher
Voted “Most Creative Female” Class of over 750 students – Hempfield Area High School
Over 35 years of experience teaching Sunday School to youth of all ages
Former Adjunct – Westmoreland County Community College
Former Homeschool Mother to Three Successful, Productive Citizens Leading Their Peers in Industry
“Mimi” to Four Amazing, Halarious, Fantastic Blessings from God
“Aunt Mimi” to Many More

Susan’s mother would say that she has been making messes since birth. The first project Susan can recollect is to mimic a Christmas ornament craft that her sister got as a gift. Her sister’s kit came with beautifully colored papers perforated to punch out, glue, markers, and all colors of metallic glitter. Salivating with envy, Susan had to make do on her own, and she would. 

With a stash of construction paper, Susan would trace her sister’s ornaments onto it, then use scissors to cut them out. Her sister shared her markers but what about glitter? Under her father’s workbench was a pile of sawdust calling her name. Tada! The mission was accomplished and a way of life began. Whether private lessons or self-taught practice, drawing and painting became routine, daily activities.

Fast forward to approximately 40 years when Susan began studying graphic design as a form of therapy. It took 5 years for her to complete a 2-year degree while homeschooling her children, however, her education has paid off emotionally and financially time and again. After completing her Associate’s degree, Susan continues to study day in and day out.


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