What we have been reading about lately.

keys to drawing by bert dodson
watercolor painting
sign painters faythe levine sam macon
Chip Kidd
Large Letter Post Cards
Transparent Watercolor by William H. Condit
posters 77 plates in full color

Posters – 77 Plates in Full Color
by: Attilio Rossi


Thanks to the encouragement of a dear friend, we acquired a library membership from the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, PA. While there, we indulged in a small stack of what we hope are great reads; this being one of them. Susan doesn’t particularly care for the type of artwork showcased on the pages, but she still gleaned from the overall composition of the book. Her heart not only palpitated from climbing four stories in the library to the graphic design section, but also from looking at the many shelves of titles she can’t wait to thumb through. Oh to grace Oakland again soon.