Would you like to know what we have been studying? Listed below are recent books, videos, podcasts, etc… that we have educated ourselves with. Possibly you would glean from them too?



Posted – 8 March, 2019


Chip Kidd

Chip Book: Book Two
by: Chip Kidd

Known as a “rock star” of graphic design, this book was both authored and designed by Chip Kidd. While not everything he creates is our forte’, there is still a lot to admire about his creativity and his work. He was a native Pennsylvanian to boot!


Posted – 19 February, 2019


Large Letter Post Cards
Large Letter Post Cards
by: Fred Tenney & Kevin Hilbert

Cool beans, that is how we would describe this read. After browsing through Large Letter Post Cards by Fred Tenney & Kevin Hillbert, I believe we have been inspired enough that folks should be seeing some kind duplicate artwork in the future. When we say “duplicate”, we don’t mean to copy, we mean to create our own using this type of style. Oh to have 24 more hours in our day.


Posted – 11 February, 2019


Transparent Watercolor by William H. Condit
Transparent Watercolor, My Second Career
by: William H. Condit

So much to learn, SO much to learn! Since watercolors are our latest crave, this book was certainly most enjoyable. To be able to take off and paint simply for fun like William did would be a dream.


Posted – 21 January, 2019


Nemours – A Portrait of Alfred I. duPont’s House
by: Dwight Young and Grace Gary

Architecture, graphic design, fine art, literature… they all go together, correct? At least we think so. We found Nemours to be a very relaxing, encouraging, and inspirational read about an amazing man and his struggles with the hard hands he was delt and how he over came them. From losing both parents at a young age, bad marriages, going deaf, and business deals gone sour, Alfred I. duPont persevered and refused to let anyone or anything stand in his way. A visit to DE is now on our list of things to do. Thank you Mr. Young and Ms. Gary for bringing his life to light.


Posted – 2 January, 2019


posters 77 plates in full color
Posters – 77 Plates in Full Color
by: Attilio Rossi

Thanks to the encouragement of a dear friend, we acquired a library membership from the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, PA. While there, we indulged in a small stack of what we hope are great reads; this being one of them. Susan doesn’t particularly care for the type of artwork showcased on the pages, but she still gleaned from the overall composition of the book. Her heart not only palpitated from climbing four stories in the library to the graphic design section, but also from looking at the many shelves of titles she can’t wait to thumb through. Oh to grace Oakland again soon.